Clarification and updates on Marion County Budget, Tourism under the new EDC/Partnership and Sports issues to be presented to MCBCC. 3157350 Mimi Lash MST

 Ocala and all of Marion County is now under the direction and control of the State EDC and the Chamber of Commerce as a new private company with state, city and county authority.  2012:The organization started as Enterprise Florida's EDC and morphed into the North Florida Regional Chamber, then it partnered with the Ocala Chamber and took in to governmental partners to link with the State of Florida, the City of Ocala, and Marion County Board of County Commissioners.  Now the Ocala Chamber joined with the State of Florida Enterprise Florida's EDC became a Government Authority.  Funded and with official single source authority.  All other private business competitors were squashed this appointment of authority.


It is time to sound the alarm. We must stop the Authority and Subsidies that have been given to this new State EDC Partnership The CEP of Ocala, as they are even taking over county tourism functions,(TDC functions).  This group now has government authority and funding, private business must join this government company to be involved.  This company is now "selected" by the state and competitors are not allowed in the organization.   Only this CEP receives State funding and Authority.  All local and state authorities have selected this private company as the only one with authority.  City of Ocala Funding and Authority, and Marion County Funding and Authority, it is not possible for anyone to compete with this Government Subsidized Authority.  


Now this CEP is taking over MC Tourism and Sports from Marion County.  No private company can compete with this Selected Private Company.  In the past two years this Subsidized Company has taken over State interest, City interest and County interest.  No private company can compete successfully against this selected company.  Real estate, tourism, sports, development promotion business networking, ($20,000 to be a main player).  


Even the Ocala Star Banner is interested in the Marion County Growth of The Villages in Marion County, Sumter, and Lake and chronic problems where the EDC/Partnership is in Authority.  Promotional business outside the reach of the Ocala CEP are leading the nation in growth.

 It appears that this Ocala Chamber/EDC Partnership has taken over tourism even from Marion County.  Could you tell me when the Board of County Commissioners will be presented with the Skating Rink proposal by the EDC Partnership?  Has the Ocala CEP taken over the Sports Marketing duties of our Tourism Department?  Our and or for example have had to stand in the wings, unable to compete because of the Ocala/MCBCC/State EDC funding of the Ocala Chamber now in partnership with the State of Florida EDC/Chamber Partnership.
 Great minds could promote Marion County if the playing field was level.  Just think, Marion County is part of the Number 1 Growth event in the entire U.S. and I suspect will be a great wealth factor for the next several decades.  This CEP thing is even eating into Marion County’s Tourism department, having been subsidized into a control of all businesses and lobbying.  This EDC partnership is a takeover of tourism, sports, development and everything public and private promotional in Marion County except The Villages who grow despite the EDC/CEP/Ocala Official Agency.  Just think where The Villages would be if the EDC/CEP was in charge of their development.  Why stop competition and pick one company when it is success from competition that is proven to create wealth.  There is no better way to kill competition and commerce than picking one company and forcing us to join this government subsidized group CEP in Ocala or else step aside and go out of business.  Welcome to the group cut out of the competition.  It looks like the Marion County TDC now must go to the EDC Partnership to learn what Marion County will do next.  

Also, would you please give me further clarification regarding the sports marketing funding, and specifically if the audit will address this issue.

Finally, this is the second year in a row that we are experiencing first in growth in our Villages part of Marion County.

Perhaps we can develop a Discover Marion County type program that is not directed at Ocala.  Many people believe that the best way to pull wealth from the Villages part of our area is to treat them as customers.

Notice that we have just announced two new growth areas in the Marion County portion of the Villages.  Open development of promotional ideas would benefit the Ocala area rather than the current no competition selection of the City, County and EDC with the Old Chamber of Commerce.  Perhaps it is time for a breath of fresh air.  If we tap into the tourist and growth wealth in The Villages I believe we can double the wealth productivity in Ocala and all of Marion County.

Exclusive control of promotional efforts seem to be going to the Governmental EDC partnership in Ocala and that snuffs out all creative private enterprise, as this Governmental EDC,CEP seems to be taking over all aspects of business in our area.

Giving the Belleview Chamber or any of the other promotional organizations an exclusive franchise for all of Marion County would be unfair as well. Stopping competition for the best ideas always leads to poverty in an area.  It seem that Marion County BCC are more than adequate to promote from a governmental point of view for Marion County.  It is important to look out 30 or more years and grab ahold of the strongest Wealth Growth Title in the U.S.  Every job counts, and if we can flood tourist in from Lake and Sumter to our restaurants and other services we will help families across Marion County.  

This is really a civilian program powered by our local media and helped by government.  We have lots of economic power if we can just be allowed to compete.  A small group of people are gaining control of even tourism through the subsidized EDC Chamber partnership.  Now they are apparently going to Ireland for tourist when we have Lake and Sumter Crowds ready to spend their money.  A plan would be to build services in The Villages and work back toward Ocala.  Everyone would benefit.

If all our efforts go into Ocala then poverty will continue in the Ocala area.  What’s up with Ice Skating?  

Also, thank you for supplying information about the apparent $70,000 Tent that is alleged to have gone to a TDC Director's employer's Ocala property, from MC TDC Boards that the executives were serving on. It is best if MC can clear up this issue.   We must have high ethics per 112.311 Legislative intent and declaration of policy.  "public office not be used for private gain other than the remuneration provided by law. The public interest, therefore, requires that the law protect against any conflict of interest and establish standards for the conduct of elected officials and government employees in situations where conflicts may exist.

Governor Rick Scott kicks off his TDC promotion of Florida at the Villages.  

See the Marion Sun Times or the Villages News for the full story. 

TDC Marion County askes Ocala Marion County Commission 's Name back to Marion County.

The  Brand "Ocala" was added to the Marion County Branded name by ordinance and must be corrected by a vote of the Ocala Marion County Commission.

Just in:  Ocala City council recognizes that the Ocala EDC is a promotional company for the City of Ocala, Councilwoman Suzy Heinbockel questions where all the money is going.  More Story.

Governor rick Scott Presents to the Tea Party
Governor discusses jobs budget and TDC/EDC programs.

Ocala Best and EDC Marion County Award winner, Adena Springs Cattle Ranch.  Congratulations!


Stephen Hunter, Ocala MST 08/22/12

Adena Springs Cattle Management Team Embraced by Marion County Community.

Ag program in north central Marion County is a success, at least in the minds of many who welcomed the team to a major economic event in Marion County today.

The room was packed and most speakers from the audience expressed thanks for the quality and sophistication of the newest farm project by the Adena Cattle group.

Florida was one of the national leaders in most retired citizens memory.  Cowboys and Cattle make up the best of American history.

Let's light this candle, was the feeling, but let's be careful of the environment.  

The Adena Team is as sophisticated as they come commented one audience member.

Stay tuned for jobs, and new quality geologic/environmental expertise in town.  

Cities and counties can use experts from the private sector like the Adena Team in tackling their environmental challenges.

 Gainesville, long embarrassed by discussions of their 10 million gallons of processed sewer effluent will be able to gain from the Adena Springs Team expertise.

 We are here to operate a quality cattle operation, but we also are pledged to help our community all we possibly can, was the message from the team.

 Historic issues from the days when EDC Marion County had overtaken the Ocala and had over taken the 2012.


The New EDC Marion CountyTDC Marion County®, and Chamber of Commerce of Marion County® are "the New Kid on the Block" showing the way to an old guard that is going broke, actually living on borrowed money much like the Federal Government.  Government Officials notice the high salaries and big Star Banner public relations budgets and are second guessing giving out any more taxed funds.  Private corporations receiving tax funds as operating capital is difficult to justify especially when the leading Google Search Marion County Representatives receive no tax funds.  Sure Ocala Company officals at the Executive level of the Ocala CC and the Ocala EDC are upset, but they are as desirving of Tax Payer Funds as we are, here at the Marion County EDC, Marion County Chamber and the Marion County TDC.

It appears that taking on the brand name Ocala is something for Ocala Government to fund and Marion County Commissioners are being asked to represent all of Marion County. 

EDC Ocala faces financial difficulties in the face of new competition by new non tax payer funded EDC Marion County, and Marion County Chamber of Commerce.  Director and founder or the EDC Marion County and the Marion County Chamber of Commerce is Local retired businessman Don Browning.  "Its time to step into the future as a leader of the Economic Action Team and revitalize Marion County's economy" states Browning.  For years salaries have grown to match or exceed the tax payer funding historically given to local corporations just to keep them afloat. Commissioners are now taking a second look at the efficacy of giving tax funds to local organizations just because they ask for it.  


Marion County Voters ask for better representation.  Pointing out that Ocala has their own Tax Assessment and Government, Marion County Voters are now asking their commissioners to consider Marion County first.  Ocala is a separate government and organizations such as the Ocala Chamber, the Ocala EDC and the Ocala Visitor's Bureau have been hijacked by a few Ocala interest.  Marion County citizens are now pointing out that most of the funds given to Ocala interest actually ends up given to the Ocala Star Banner in the form of ad payments.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent annually with the Ocala news paper has gone undetected until recently.  Additionally extremely high salaries seem to follow the infusing of Tax Funding.  Nearing and often exceeding $100,000 annually executives of the Ocala chamber and Ocala EDC now find their organizations failing financially.  If the local income averages under $50,000 it is easy to see why promotional organizations will fail if their first order of business is to pay their executives double what others recieve.

Both the EDC Marion and the Marion Chamber use all of Marion County as a base.  "it just makes sense to include all of Marion County in an effort to promote Marion County" said Browning in a recent meeting with Commissioners.  Don Browning also has spearheaded an effort to include all of Marion County in the Tourist Development Promotion effort funded by the Marion County voter authorized tourist tax.  Somehow Ocala is able to take over the naming rights of Marion County and the focus becomes so narrow that we all suffer explains Browning.

Governor Rick Scott arrived on the political scene just in time to save Florida's Economic Future.  Changes have already started under the direction of Marion County Commission Leadership of Stan McClain and the new commissioner reform thinking of Carl Zalak and Kathy Bryant.  Old anti growth programs under the  DEP such as Spring Political Groups and even Community College anti growth and anti development programs such as Heart of Florida, the economic engine was sputtering, especially under the crushing weight of the DCA.  The Department of Community Affairs has now fallen and along with its demise a revitalization of Florida's economy is possible.  Florida was failing economically under the weitght of the Springs Protection Handbook that was the bible for anti growth elements in city, state, and county governments.   Now, at last Florida will have a chance to recharge its economic engine and hopefully regain fiscal health.

 Governor Rick Scott, we raise a toast to you and your willingness to keep your promises.  The Environmental success of a healthy economic action team helping to move government out of the way is wonderful.  Just a little honesty in addressing governmental anti growth issues will go a long way toward jump starting the economy.  It takes business and a growth of profits to fund a new job.  Jobs don't come first then business.  Politically correctness is falling out of favor and all we at Springs Protection . com can say is "its about time".  Silver Springs Working and Rainbow Springs Working along with Save Silver Springs .com all agree that it is time to promote a healthy economy and an improved quality of life for all Floridians as step one in creating a healthier environment.  From Water Czar Walter Pine to TDC Director Steve Hunter and the entire board of Team Conservation, there is agreement that the Axis of Unemployment is falling under the weight of an under performing Economic Environment in Florida. 


The Villages is an economic engine currently revitalizing Central Florida's once vibrant economy.

 Governor Rick Scott Signs Jobs Budget in Marion County's own Villages.  Uses DEP StormWater funds to help balance Jobs Budget.  Governor Scott takes aim at job killing Agenda 24 programs.  New StormWater Thinking is producing results by giving the funds to Education. Marion County Sun Times reportWhat's Up Marion County?




Private business interest in The Villages/Marion County consider a Road Racing Track in South Marion County.

Ted Yoho kicks off his Campaign for District 6 US Congress to the cheers of a packed house!  
Voters come out in droves to support Ted Yoho!

Building Community
         with Art, by Don Browning: SunSet Harbor Rookery 2010 &emdash; Marion County is a Birding Center.

Yvette Gibbs- Mitchel promotes anti-bullying campaign to help Marion County youth learn healthy relationship lessons as anti-bullying program grows with success. 


Just in:  Herman Cain makes historic stop in Villages, followed by preconvention Romney-Ryan team visit, Marion County Florida.  Marion County Commission Chairman Stan McClain welcomed Presidential hopeful Herman Cain.  Marion County Sheriff Candidate Dan Kuhn and a host of local GOP officials filled the hall joining hundreds of enthusiastic supporters.  Candidate Cain outlined his points of governance to standing applause.  Red, White, Blue and Green are Candidate Cain's favorite colors.  Herman is going to lead America out of troubled economic and political waters.  Thank you Herman Cain for following God's Plan.  Marion County gives Herman a Standing ovation reception to send him off to his great announcement in Atlanta.  

Yvette Gibbs- Mitchel promotes anti-bullying campaign to help Marion County youth learn healthy relationship lessons as anti-bullying program grows with success. 


TDC of Marion County 

 World rescue effort in Tuscaloosa Alabama recognizes Marion County Florida's efforts to reach out to help Florida's neighbors in need.

TDC Marion steps up to help as board member Don Browning helps link the Marion County Sheriff's Office and Lake Weir Kiwanis Club.

Having gained experience with the award winning Katrina Hurricane relief effort the Teddy Bear Express Team came through again.  

Marion County Kiwanis in Weirsdale reaches out to Tornado Victims in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Donors from all across Marion County come together. 

Marion County Sheriff creates connection in Alabama.  Marion County Visitors get paid back. 

EDC Florida Director Don Browning and his Florida friends in Lake Weir Kiwanis join with other Marion County Floridians in mounting the Teddy Bear Express. Group travels to Alabama to help tornado victims. More

Building Community
         with Art, by Don Browning: SunSet Harbor Rookery 2010 &emdash; Marion County is a Birding Center.

Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Trudi Williams join Governor Scott to turn back Water District run away budgets.  Billion Dollar Budget in South Florida reduced.  More

Anti Growth funding in Water Districts is likely a thing of the past.  The Public is educating the water district leaders after nearly 10 years of expanded efforts to educate the public.  Turns out it was the Water District Staff who needed the education.  Budgets Cut over 25% handing Ocala Star Banner a major defeat.  Anti Sprawl anti Growth Ocala Star Banner has been a No Growth Leader.  The Banner's anti economic growth efforts were so effective that they are now feeling the anger of the many workers out of work.

Florida Water Czar and EDC survey Marion County Voters to ask if they would support harvesting 1/2 of the 1,000,000,000,000 gal/day spring water that flows out to the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean.  Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs together send an average of 1 billion gallons daily to our oceans.

 Results of Water Czar survey were overwhelmingly yes! 

Residents were also supportive of returning 10% of spring water to the aquifer in order to beneficially recharge the aquifer.  Currently all of the spring water of Silver and Rainbow is lost to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

At $1.50 per thousand gallons, Browning estimates that Marion County would bring in about $273,000,000 annually.  Water district and state DEP approval would be required.

Marion County tax payers could benefit greatly if the waste of valuable water was ended.  Sewer effluent currently sent to the Aquifer could be sent to the oceans to help protect our drinking water aquifers.  Kanapaha Sewer Facility in Gainesville is a good example of sewer water sent to the drinking water aquifer after processing.  Many concerns have been voiced by persons who drink Marion County Water. 

It is important to keep at least 50% of the flow going to the gulf and Atlantic for environmental reasons, and equally important is the idea of using 10% of the flow to recharge the aquifer stressed Browning. 

Stewardship requires conscious decisions on societies use of water.  Even if we send all of the 1,000,000,000 gallons daily to the salt water gulf and Atlantic, we should decide.  Selling less than 1/2 the flow would eliminate most  Ad Valorem taxes for Marion County residents. 

Space Florida sets goals for decade, 2010 Photon Magic and Tomorrow's Astronauts to Vision 2020.

Visit Florida and join the Adventure.  Space Florida and NASA:  Eustis High receives the Dave Walker / Charles Bolden Telescope.  Presented by Senator Alan Hays, funded 100% by Lake Eustis Sailing Club coordinated by Don Browning of Team Telescope  

Eustis Florida's own Dave Walker (Deceased) is escorted in Memory by Charles Bolden.

              Breaking Economic Development Council News:

 April !, is the Grand Opening for Mary Verrandeaux and Jessi Miller''sStudio 9.

 Stop by for an exceptional Visual Experience. Learn more....

Click on Image Below for Mary's Web Site
Visit Studio 9, you will be treated to a delightful visual experience.

Marion County residents call for equal promotion on a per capita basis if they are to keep partnering with Ocala.  
It is time for Ocala to rejoin Marion County.  More....

Visiting the Villages is a world of fun and adventure.  EDC Marion County highlights a trip to The Fresh Market.

Some services have been dropped because we are unable to compete with the EDC Ocala that is State, County and City funded.  We regrete any inconvience and hope to be able to compete when the Ocala CEP is no longer in authority and funded by local government.

In the mean time go to the government site,  

 The New EDC Marion County vs EDC Ocala is working

EDC Marion beats out Ocala EDC in advocating Bio to Fuel Challenge.  We have wasted years with the Ocala EDC System, and now Marion EDC is on the right track.  Example of what Senator Dean was promoting with the help of Marion County is the new investment by INEOS BioEnergy move to Indian River County.  Learn More...

 Executive Board of EDC Marion County challenges Ocala EDC to return $100,000 of their personal salary until Ocala EDC shows results in reducing unemployment to below 10%.  Marion County Executive Director Don Browning takes $ 0.00 salary and this will continue until unemployment is below 7% in Marion County. 

Governor Rick Scott welcomes Big Energy to Florida.  EDC Florida number One priority realized.     More... 


VR Laboratories is newest tech industry to choose Florida.  EDC Marion County is learning from successes how to turn back unemployment.  More.... 




Economic Development Council works at Stopping the EPA takeover of Florida Politics.  
By Florida Economic Development Council Director Don Browning.

How the political left draws Federal Agencies like the EPA down on Florida Citizens.  Environmental activist take over grass roots politics with state funding support.
The takeover of education in Florida, to advance a liberal political agenda.
Ending state funding of political efforts with state taxpayers funding.

There has never been a more effective take over of a political pipeline than the use of the historic County University Extention system in Florida.  It is like Al Gore and his Environmental Team morfed into a local political Left propaganda delivery system.

Understanding the linkage between UF, IFAS, Community Colleges and back to UF is to see how non elected college professors and administrators effectively exert influence over Legislators, County and City officials.  The political left has developed an effective community organization system right under our noses.  Environmental control of the Florida Economy is the result that ironically has been wildly successful and now threatens to kill this "community political action" system.  

The EDC addresses the problem.  As best we can.  
Starting with the Federal, State delivery system of environmental and social science, UF environmentalist have cobbled together an incredibly powerful political delivery system using IFAS for political action.    Most folks love UF, however UF is being used for political purposes as a EPA Federal Extension force.  There is probably no way to take liberal politics out of modern education but we can try.  Liberals should have to pay their own way and not be able to use our university system to advance liberal social change.  
Reading the IFAS website, it appears that Federal/State/County agents organize to spread environmental politics to every phase of local life.  Health, Water, Agriculture, Land Use, Utility Protection, Landscaping, Sewage/Storm-water Disposal among many more life issues are firmly anchored in pretty liberal political science advanced by "experts"  never elected or appointed by elected officials.  It is our position that funding should be pulled from all programs that are biased politically.  

We are losing our educational institutions to the unelected left funded by the political right. is working with the citizens of Florida to block the infestation of "the Political Left" in county policy across Florida.  Every county in Florida is impacted by bogus Earth/Environmental/Social science from within our educational system.  The most ambitious players are Jr. Colleges, commonly known as Community Colleges.  Central Florida Community College's effort to gain "Regional Political Clout is a prime example.  Leveraging influence with the Santa Fe Community College to control UF prestige, almost complete control of regional politics by non elected persons is achieved.

We are losing our Florida Community College System, as individual community colleges morph into "Pseudo 4 year Collages" in an attempt to appear academic equals among Traditional Florida Universities.   The expansion of Community Colleges expands the political influence as these grass roots organizations gain greater tax payer funding.  CFCC has created no less than 10 local political control entities over the past decade.  These organizations use State Funding to create public policy that then helps funnel funds and political power to the community college.  All to often elected officials allow this liberal bias to exist as an easy window into the political left during general elections.  This occurs at the federal level in the form of earmarks directed through community college's into the liberal political community.  Using taxpayer funds to hire legislators or their family members gives a community college immediate political influence and power.

As each of these academic entities grow in political stature we the people loose, creeping closer to traditional socialist political policy.  Elections produce a model for political conservatism while behind the scenes the political left is creating solid base for socialism in America.

De-funding political programs will help level the playing field.  Best Management Practice requirements are creeping into legislation at all levels of government.  Place holders for yet to be written BMP's are included in federal, state county and city legislation to regulate all levels of life.  This system allows laws and regulation to be written by often liberal authors as best management practices.  When an ordinance is passed it usually now includes a mandatory use of the latest "Best Management Practices".  These BMP's are all to often written by expert liberal professors to promote a hard left agenda.  As these liberal professors produce concepts their writings become law with no further vetting by the people or elected officials.

We must examine the political use of our educational institutions if we are to save Florida from financial and political collapses.  Currently the only effective way to stop BMP practices is to work to cut the funding to the school.  It does seem like a long way around the barn, as it were.

The Florida EDC believes that  over 12% of the Florida Higher Education Budget is directed toward political rather than educational efforts.  As money is short, now is the time to reduce funding these political programs.

EDC Florida urges Governor Rick Scott and all Legislators to line item remove all political funding from the Education budget.  Lobbying for increased political clout must be removed from the state budget.  Support of EPA by unelected educational entities must end this year.


Vehltor Named to EDC Marion Hall of Fame 
Currently only government water sellers get the go' ahead to sell water.  Bottled water locations usually make important destinations of their water source.  Silver Springs and Marion County will be no exception.
Creating a World Class marketing presence with a focus on Marion County is about to come on stage.

New EDC of Marion County gains popularity without 6 figure salaries or Tax Dollars.  

Trademark Water Sales is Kick off effort.

 The Old Ocala EDC may fade along with other high dollar efforts of the past.  

The New EDC Marion County supports all of Marion County including the cities.  

The Villages now the leader in all categories including overall EDC Florida's important catagories:

Wealth Generated, Reduced Unemployment, and National Economic Development 

Efforts are underway to help Ocala regain past economic vitality.  The plan is to promote the Marion County assets resulting in improved promotion of all our cities.

Success of the Villages has passed old line Ocala as the driving force on the Marion County Economic Development Team

The Villages now bring more tourist to Marion County than any other city.  Visitors are seen as a key to solving the growing Ocala economic problems.  

The New Economic Action Team is helping pull Ocala back from crushing unemployment of 14%.   
Marion County water is flowing out to see wasting valuable resource.  The unique mineral content may bring great wealth to Marion County.  Commissioner Stan McClain and Carl Zalak vote for clean industry capturing water that currently runs out into Lake George.  If approved the facility will bring 60 jobs to the area plus put Marion County on the world map.

Mike Amsden learning how to promote Marion County
Clean Bottled Water may bring world recognition to Marion County.

 Visit Pro Guard Video for all your security video needs.  New Archerfish video analytics to simplify surveillance.

 EDC Marion welcomes West Marion Business Association.  More than 70 strong, the new business organization is coming on strong thanks to efforts by Joe Gullani president, and Ray Sargent secretary.  Centered west of I 75 the WMBA welcomes business from across Marion County.  West Marion Business Association continues the trend to include all business from across Marion County.  Ocala business can join as associate members.

Governor Rick Scott pinpoints the problem with state agencies using millions in tax money for lobbying and community action political organizations.  Springs Protection groups such as Pandion Systems have long campaigned in Marion County for less growth by using an environmental platform

The Axis of Un-Employment is on the run.  Anit Growth forces are losing their sponsors as DCA and DEP fall under close focus.

We can experience Economic Growth and regain our healthy society states EDC Director Charlie Cardy.


Governor Rick Scott Presents to the Tea Party
Economic Growth Council gives Governor Scott an "A+" on Economic Recovery Budget.

Marion County City Shuns the Majority, Drops out of County Promotional Branding.
 As an example cited by critics, Ocala has now joined with Gainesville to celebrate Marion County Day.  Although 5 times bigger, with Silver Springs, Rainbow Springs, Lakes and Rivers, Marion County is often sent to the curb represented as "Ocala/Marion County.  More often Marion County is below the line as an address for Ocala. 
 Ocala, Historic, Vibrant, and Friendly is questioning its decision to go it alone, dropping Marion County from even Marion County Day.   Critics point to the falling Ocala population and excessive utility rates for urban problems facing Ocala.   Experts blame the falling census numbers and high unemployment currently at 14%.  Once 60% of Marion County, Ocala population has fallen for decades and now is well below 19%.  Should Ocala interest be allowed to represent Marion County is the question asked by the public.  Sadly, the current financial downturn of many businesses in Ocala is represented in the once proud Ocala Star Banner.  Together with its sister New York Times Gainesville Sun the papers now are maned by sparse skeleton crews, and many departments have been stuttered.
A look at Marion County promotional logos show the isolation of Ocala and the loss of Marion County Branding.  Each effort by Marion County Commission has been affected by the Ocala Coup.  A study of the 5 leading promotional efforts for Marion County tell the story.
Marion County residents feel under represented, under served, as the back drop for Ocala leaders.   
Marion county funding currently going to the promotion of Ocala will soon promote all of Marion County.  Underserved county residents have asked for more representation. 

Shoppers Learn that there is more to Marion County than Ocala.  Businesses in South Marion County enjoy a strong economic base from the leading Marion County city of the Villages.  Centered in south Marion County along with Lake and Sumter Counties, the Villages lend an economic helping hand to Marion County statistics.  Next month we will examine reasons for the Economic Home Run displayed by the Villages.

When visiting the Horse Capital Marion County
Visit plan to visit Historic Ocala.
Ocala is a strong part of the Marion County Team
The Marion County EDC is able to work with all of our vibrant cities.
EDC Marion County City Program Highlights Ocala.
When in Marion County the World Horse Capital, Visit Historic Ocala.

Ocala has a long historic tradition in Marion County, along with the vibrant Villages, Ocala is an important commercial center.

Ocala, part of the City Families of Marion County
Visit Ocala when in Marion County, Close to the Villages.
5 Star, Ocala Chamber is found at OcalaCC.Com
Ocala CC. Com is One of the oldest chambers in Marion County.

Ocala Tea Party delegation cheers for new Budget.
Governor unveils new Economic Recovery Budget.

 Marion County Economic Action Team Member     Remember Ocala, Dunnellon, Belleview, and other vibrant cities when visiting Marion County Florida.
The City of Ocala is an important stop when visiting Marion County.  Centrally located, The City of Ocala is the home of CFCC Marion County's Community College and manager of the Appleton Museum.  The City of Ocala is also home to ihmc Florida's Institute for Human & Machine Cognitionthe world class research center with worldwide intellectual network links. Visit CMapTools for a look at ihmc invention innovation.
Villages recognized as Economic Success Model.
DCA and the Job Killing Agency's Springs pollution program has finally reaching the Chopping Block.  Yes, after years of organized stopping of Florida's Economic Growth, DCA has killed the revenue source used to operate Florida's Government.
Stopping DCA, DEP, and DOT is the right step if we have any hope to return Florida to former economic health.  New appointments at the top send a clear message to Floridians that their state government is joining the Economic Action Team rather than the decades long team to stop growth.  Using the Marion County economic success story of the Villages, Governor Scott set the tone for Florida's coming economic turn around

Just in:  Historic Silver Springs Workshop called by Chairman Stan McClain.   Ocala EDC decides not to attend critical Jobs Event.   Economic Development Corporation Pete Tesh defers to New EDC Marion County Executive Director Don Browning in important workshop presentation, to decide the future of  the Marion County Economy.  The New Economic Development Council takes no funding from Government Sources and the leadership is declining all compensation while efforts to reverse current failure by all economic development experts.  Why should the so called experts collect fat paychecks after years of failure.  14% unemployment is only going to be solved if we understand the root causes and build a support base of economic growth. 

Old paid EDC programs are carrying a lot of baggage collected along the way.  After millions have been spent with little to show for it, the community is welcoming the new ideas of the EDC Marion County, and the new Marion Tourism Council.  Under served by the Ocala EDC and Tourism Bureau, the new Marion County Economic Action Team is up to a strong start.

Historically the only people employed, and that is often at 6 figure salaries, are the people concerned with unemployment and economic development.  If we have high unemployment and poor economic development it stands to reason that we should not be taking obsene high compensation as Big Time Experts in Unemployment.  The best way for the Economic Action Team to understand the pain of the unemployed is for them to feel a 100% loss of income.   Like a football coach with a losing record, pay must be pulled and contracts should be tied to performance.  

See Web Tourist for Coupons and information. 

Hot Fast Car Sales stimulate Central Florida Economic Recovery
A Salute to Jenkins Auto Group a leader in the Ocala Area economic recovery, and the Leading Man is Cory Pool.
Always ready to act forcfully on the Economic Action Team, Cory is doing his part for the recovery with
strong sales in the auto world, joining Florida's Best Bank in helping to achieve economic recovery for the area.
Best Florida Visit invites you to stop in and visit, Jenkins Auto Group.
visit Vehitor Auto Sales in Marion County! 







The VFW Retirement Home of Ft McCoy invites you to HorseFest 2011.

Horse Festival Coming to VFW Retirement Home
My Ocala presents VFW Horsefest 2011, at Ft McCoy VFW Retirement Home.


2nd Annual Department of FL VFW Retirement Home’s  Veterans Horse Festival
Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 11am – 2pm
Location:  13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL  32134.
For information call 352-236-0823
Check out
Best Florida Visit for details and photos from last year’s event and what is coming in 2011.
The event is FREE and Open to the Public!!  Food and beverages available.

Ocala Authorities may revisit parking policy in Downtown Ocala, in an attempt to become more visitor friendly.
 Current No parking for Visitors and Tourist off Silver Springs Florida is discouraging to visitors hoping to spend in local businesses.
Marion Tourism Council investigates complaints about Ocala Parking System
Apparently there is no due process, no complaint department, no room for misunderstanding, no courtroom, magistrate judge or hearing possibility.  
If a motorist receives a non moving citation, guilty is the only outcome.
of 6674 citations, there were
6674 guilty motorist
0 Not guilty
The system is by Clancy Systems International, Inc. 
As we work to build a more vibrant Marion County we must create better systems that attract visitors to our cities.  Visitors to our area, and Marion County citizens deserve better treatment in our cities.  Open, fair parking systems will welcome visitors and tourist to downtown Ocala.   Selling parking spots to local businessmen causes a shortage of spaces to visitors and the system is extremely confusing as we work to lay out the red carpet to downtown visitors.
14% unemployment is no joke.  
Let's take a fresh look at how visitors to Ocala are treated. A fairer system could help stem the economic slide.

Silver Springs may have EPA rule problems ahead.

Silver Springs may get new management

Stan McClain, Chairman of the Marion County Commission negotiates an opportunity to bring Silver Springs back under the control of Marion County.  This reporter has worked for years with help of several legislators and County Commissioners to link Silver Springs to our Central Florida Economic Recovery.  

A Big Workshop on January 25, at 7:00 pm will bring the community together to discuss how the springs should be managed.  Be there and bring a friend.  We must VET the take back of Silver Springs.

The old attraction marketing concept is long past.  Now Silver Springs can be the center of regional interest in Eco Tourist opportunities.  See Browning Art and Discover Marion County for examples of why people will flock to our area if we take advantage of this opportunity. 

Governor Rick Scott has listed Tourism as central to Florida's Recovery. 

Senators Alan Hays, Steve Oelrich, Charlie Dean, Evelyn Lynn

Representatives Dennis Baxley, Charles Van Zant, Marlene O'Toole, Trudi Williams, Perry Keith and many more have worked as members of the Economic Action Team

 Key Concerns, and potential downside issues.

Silver Springs operation by Marion County




Ideas that must be vetted

  • Issues to address in Vetting Silver Springs take over.
  • What is the status of the Court Ordered EPA take over.
  • Who is responsible for End of Pipe problems from utilities such as Ocala Drain Wells and Alachua Sink Discharge?
  • Can Kanapaha Sewer plant discharge become a financial risk as well as as Environmental Risk for Marion County?
  • Can environmental problems at Silver Springs be overcome after years of TMBL rules?
  • Can new buildings be built if old structures are leveled?
  • Will the Legislature adopt a local bill to protect liability?

Chairman Stan McClain Opens Silver Springs Debate


Dear Commissioner McClain;

Even bigger than the positive potential for Economic Development, there is a potential risk with the new EPA Standards and "end of the pipe" pollution responsibilities.
The financial risk must be understood and a protection for Marion County, must be put in place, before taking on Silver Springs.

Congratulations on bringing forward a potential stewardship outcome of one of the most important assets owned by the State of Florida.
As Director of Marion County Springs Protection, and EDC Marion County, I would like to bring forward an developing list of concerns that we see as possible unknowable risks.  There is a cost/liability concern of EPA Environmental risks, from utilities that could cost in excess of $100,000,000.  We believe the potential cost/benefit risk for Marion County must be considered carefully before going ahead with a lease of Silver Springs.  

Current FDEP and Water District rules are without nutrient standards, and that easy system could be "out the window", and new EPA numeric standards may end up costing the holder of Silver Springs lease, millions of dollars in regional up grades.  Without utility friendly Total Daily Max Loads, who knows what new standards might cost the lessee holder of Silver Springs.  End of the pipe concerns are real with the utility drainage use of Silver Springs as the "Flush End of Pipe for several utilities.  Public Safety issues around flooding and direct Drain Well pollution must be resolved with the EPA standards in mind, before we move forward.  
Budget Chairman Senator Alan Hays spent considerable time last week grilling FDEP leadership and estimates of potential costs were all over the place, with a spread of $1.5 Billion to over $4 Billion in costs to cure "end of the pipe" nitrate standards from EPA.  We must consider the potential cost of the "Springs Takeover", in light of nitrate standards and potential new regulation from EPA, that even a County would have to abide by.
Important Trigger
There is a reason the current lease between FDEP and Palace Entertainment has been taken down off the Internet.  There is a 120 day full compliance clause that would likely be triggered by the current court ordered EPA nutrient standards.  NGO's and Government Agencies are bringing regulation faster than Private Enterprise can keep up.
It is possible that the current Lessee Palace Entertainment, a multi nation conglomerate, is making a run for the exit ahead of a EPA Standards shut down.  Palace may be hoping Marion County will take their place in the proverbial "noose".  Currently, FDEP as staff for the Trustees of the People of Florida would be left holding the bag.  That is much better than Marion County tax payers.   The Trustee is the Florida Cabinet.  Because the State of Florida owns Silver Springs, we would need a shield from EPA liability.  EPA Nutrient Rules would require a Utility Discharge change costing Hundreds of Millions if not Billions here in the Heart of Florida and across Florida. 

Positives, as outlined in your presentation to the Public and the Marion County Commission.  We Agree.
* Economic development boost, Likely.   We agree, an Economic Boost, would likely result from properly operated Silver Spring Property.  Six Gun Territory era promotion is past, and very old line, we call it "towels by the pound" style promotion.  Silver Springs is poised as a positive modern regional revenue generator.  Eco tourism branding of Marion County will promote wealth and commerce in Ocala, Belleview, Dunnellon and all of our other cities, as well as the much larger Rural Developments.  We agree Marion County can do the best job of promoting Economic Development.
EDC Marion County will contribute recommendations as suggestions are flowing in hourly since the  Silver Springs proposal announcement.

At the very least we must have a local bill that gives Marion County Legislative and Executive protection from unacceptable financial risk.
Negative, high risk concerns:  The Trustees and FDEP must protect Marion County by supporting a local bill.
High Potential Risk from Regional Point Source Pollution.  New EPA Clouds on the horizon.  All bets are off.  In poker parlance, "it may not be a good time to push All IN".
* Revenue promotion opportunities are real,  however we at the EDC Marion Council see a high down side financial risk associated with the years of poor infrastructure that is using Silver Springs as a drainage path.  Dilution is the answer to pollution is often heard as a mantra,  and the 1/2 Billion Gallons flowing from Silver Springs allows many area utilities to discharge into the Floridan Aquifer and flow out to the Atlantic Ocean via Silver Springs and the St Johns River.  The DEP Total Daily Maximum loads has been allowed because surface water bodies are large and the Floridan Aquifer is extremely large.  EPA is being drawn into Florida because of the 1972 Federal Water Quality Act, and experts are speaking of Billions of Dollars that will be needed to comply with nitrate levels.

Example to Consider:
Ocala Drainage Wells emptying just a few miles up stream of Silver Springs.  We estimate that each of the 28 wells could cost $1- to- $7 million to process.

Alachua Drainage System emptying into the Alachua Sink and the aquifer is described as a Lime Stone Pipeline to Silver Springs and others.  We could easily be responsible for the "end of the Pipe Discharge Standards".  At a Senate Meeting last week in Tallahassee Senior FDEP official Jerry Brooks described the potential cost in the billions of dollars for compliance with the proposed EPA standards.  See $73,000,000 solution for waste water of just a single plant.  State wide estimated numbers are reaching $4.5 billion to meet a standard, if a standard is set in Florida.

Currently FDEP has been able to insist utilities are not point source pollution generators.  Marion County could receive the clean up bill as the end of the pipe owners.  Very Dark Cloud is over us all and we suggest that you protect Marion County Tax Payers from Financial Risk we currently can't judge.

*  Kanapaha Sewer plant for the city of Gainesville is permitted to discharge 6.7 million gallons of processed sewer effluent daily.  Again that goes in a 400 feet and is reportedly mounding to the surface.  That processed sewer water has had nitrates reduced to 10 parts per million or less, however we are currently passing Springs Protection laws to reduce 1 part per million nitrates.   Taking responsibility for Silver Springs which is the end of the pipe could cost tens of millions of Marion County Tax Dollars to resolve to EPA standards.  As you recall, we don't know what the standards would be and we don't know what the obligations of the county would be.

*  The current holder of the lease has been in default of the 120 day performance clause for meeting current Environmental Problems, and the reason FDEP has not required compliance is the cost would be astronomic to handle the flow off 17 acres of parking.  As you recall, oil floats and currently it is going into a canal and flowing over a weir directly into Silver River at the Silver Springs Bowl.  DEP must handle these issues at the new EPA standards or at least carry the risk of cost to Marion County.  

*  It is not clear whether current buildings that have been allowed to deteriorate for decades would be allowed to be replaced so close to the Springs under EPA standards.  Remember, currently there are no standards and FDEP usually allows county governments wavers however those rules appear to be changing under the EPA.  Under court ordered EPA rules these inspections would be very different.

In the Wakulla Springs over $100 million was paid for end of the pipe Spray Field pollution. 



Rainbow and Silver Springs are a key to Marion County Development.  We must have local control of our Marion County Assets to properly promote Tourism.  See Best Florida Visit.


 Marion County Florida announces a new dynamic voice to the world.  Under the leadership of the EDC Marion County, Citizens have launched a new branding of Marion County.  The "Ocala" Brand just told 20% of the story, explains EDC Marion director Don Browning, "We will tell the full story and include the other 80% of Marion County Treasure.
SpringsFest. Com works in Tallahassee to regain control of our Tourism Attractions.  Springs asks the Marion County Commission to return control of our springs to the people.  
Returning Silver Springs to the Control of Marion County is the number one 2011 agenda Key for EDC Marion County.  EDC Marion welcomes Ocala, Belleview and Dunnellon Economic Boosters to our family, the Economic Action Team.
Senator Hays takes the lead in Tourism Discovery Silver Springs a spring board to Economic Development.  "An entire generation of children have missed out on the opportunity to see Silver Springs".  EDC Marion County;" We must return this wonderful attraction to the people, currently it is an eye sore of neglect and disrepair".  Marion County Parks is better able to deliver a repeatable positive visit for tourist and local citizens than an international company with headquarters in San Diego and Spain.  FDEP has dropped the ball on monitoring the lease that has been violated time and again.  Let's use the Rainbow Springs model to bring Silver Springs back to life as a tourist destination.

Marion County Economic Development Council, Director Don Browning ® All Rights Reserved.

Promotion of Economic Development leads to a balance of commerce with China.  Markets expand with cultural exchange.  State of Florida is National leader through Economic Development Council of Marion County. New era beginning with Governor Rick Scott.

                 If you don't like to shovel snow, grab your camera and come on down!

© 2007 Don Browning

 Marion County Commissioners seek new partners!  80% of Marion County was under served.  New marketing ideas needed.  Like a Start Up Company shooting for the stars, we believe our idea for service will succeed.  A new Brand that represents all of Marion County is thinking is needed.  Ocala/Marion County is mired in high unemployment.  It is time for bold action.  Ocala and the Community College set public policy for many years and now we go to the next level in describing the treasures of All of Marion County.  Ocala is a wonderful place, and Marion County is much, much more.  Gainesville will be allowed to do their thing.  The Villages, right here in Marion County are the new national model for Economic Development.  EDC Marion will serve the great citizens of Marion County through their Commission.  Our Marion County Commission is poised to make a difference in the lives of Marion County Citizens.

City promotional programs will still be able to use their own branding such as Ocala, however the Marion County Commission will represent all persons in our great county.  We love Ocala and the Community College, however Ocala is not the Board of Marion County Commissioners.   Incorporated areas will be allowed to tag on "Marion County" to to continue their branding.  The new All Marion County Economic Action Team is targeting the current problem economy with the full support of the business community and the citizens.

Marion County Commissioners feel secure enough to finally take control of the Economic Unemployment Situation so troublesome to many of our families.  Non elected persons have controlled promotion and Regional Political clout to the detriment of Marion County.  20,000 persons out of work says, "Try a new Strategy".

Heart of Florida, Public Policy Institute, Ocala EDC, Ocala CC. Ocala Tourism Board are all to be revised.  There is now a Marion County EDC, a Marion County Chamber of Commerce, a Marion County PPI, Public Polity Institute, and a Marion County Heart of Florida.  We are taking our county back to usher in a new prosperity directed by the Marion County Economic Action Team.

If Marion County funds are driving a program all partners must stand back.  Ocala no longer gets first billing as, in charge of Marion County.  If Ocala comes first in all promotion then we must change our Commission to the Ocala/Marion County Board of County Commissioners, declares Bob Burton of the EDC Marion County


The Riff between Marion County EDC and Ocala EDC widens.    Of the 300,000 plus Marion County Population, Little Ocala at under 60,000 voters have been getting all funding for promotion.  The Marion County voters outside Ocala ask to be heard.  We are not governed by the Ocala/Marion County Board of County Commissioners, however all Ocala EDC and Ocala Tourism Board promotion is labeled Ocala/Marion EDC and Ocala/Marion Tourism Council.  Ocala is not Marion County, Ocala is but one of our fair cities that choose a separate form of government.  Long Live the Marion County EDC.

After years of declining population percentage Ocala's EDC is called on the carpet by the 80% PLUS population in Marion County outside Ocala.  Millions of tax payer funds have been wasted in a failed attempt to Brand Ocala.  Like all of our great incorporated areas in Marion County, Ocala will have to pitch in with the majority population when it comes to grabbing all the funding for promotion.

Actually, it is the Villages of Marion County, Lake and Sumter that is the regional economic success keeping Marion County afloat.  The Villages ask very little and provide a great deal to the economic welfare of Marion County.

Unable to vote for the officials leading the Ocala EDC, Marion County's public is solidly behind the new Marion County Commission's Economic Development Council.  

Marion County EDC Director Bob Burton feels that just 50% of the funding given to the Ocala EDC would be enough to successfully bring back the Marion County economy. 

Villages/Marion County have done a great deal to rejuvenate the Ocala/Marion County unemployment picture.  An economic powerhouse, the Villages/Marion County Economic Action Team is providing the economic success of the Villages while buying time for Marion County officials to reverse Ocala unemployment.  Along with the villages, Del Webb, On Top of the World and other economic engines are leading Marion County out of recession. Without the Villages economic engine, Ocala would have little chance at a timely recovery from the current economic woes.
The new Economic Action Team under Marion County Commission Chairman Stan McClain's leadership will finally create branding for Marion County.  Dr. Lee Niblock recently announced plans to develop a new winning strategy to market Marion County.  
Step 1 is to stop the growing regulation promoted by some non elected officials hoping to reduce growth in Marion County.  Private enterprise long termed sprawl or unfettered growth by the Ocala news paper is an important component for a successful recovery in Marion County.  
Step 2 is to Stop the discharge of high nutrient processed sewer effluent into the vast aquifer at Alachua Kanapaha sewer plant.  Redirecting the nutrient rich effluent to agriculture, will allow the tourist industry to recover based on our world renown springs. 
Step 3 is to Conserve 10% of the fresh water now spilling into the Silver River and Rainbow River.  1 Billion gallons of fresh clean clear water is wasted daily sent to the gulf and atlantic.  Redirecting just 10% or 100 million gallons of this water as beneficial recharge would save more water daily than all Marion County uses. 
Step 4 is to use new housing starts, agriculture and tourism to attract new manufacturing and high tech industry to the Marion County Economy.   

Lake Weir Kiwanis and Gammons Charitable Foundation pull together to help family who's home is destroyed by fire, less than 2 weeks before christmas.  An emergency shopping session gathered essentials and now the serious work begins.

The Word Goes out: Gammons Charitable Foundation called in by Lake Weir Kiwanis


 Lake Weir Kiwanis Responds

Marion County Family loses everything days before Christmas. 

Don Browning 352 233 7990 

Marion County Sheriff and Marion County Firefighters Rally in response to Sunset Harbor Fire.

Family in need, all possessions are lost.  Ron Beal President of the Lake Weir Kiwanis is coordinating clothing and housing for the family. 

Welcome graphic


 Bob Burton

Marion County EDC


Ocala/Marion County Commissioner's Effort, comes under pressure. Marion County tax payers outside Ocala have no voting control over Ocala Officials or their spending.

Is the Board of County Commissioners the Ocala/Marion County Board of County Commissioners?  For all of the people who chose not to live in Ocala, there is no Tourism Promotion of their Marion County. 

The Marion County Economic Development Council, backed by the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, is dedicated to ending the 14% unemployment.  

Now is the time for a fresh approach to marketing the Marion County brand. The last few years have been a gigantic waste of money as shown by the almost non existent economic recovery.  We have a new world and great talent in Marion County.  Citizens complain that a Jacksonville contract can never be successful in promoting Marion County.  The Public Relations firm selected to promote Marion County Florida, created an Ocala Brand that ignores the rest of Marion County.  It now appears that Marion County is going to drop the Ocala/Marion brand.  Perhaps Marion County/ Ocala/ Dunnellon, Belleview style brand could be considered.  Marion County is little more than an address in many of our local Logo's.

We don't have to name everything "Ocala".  If you want to promote Marion County then ask the Marion County Commissioners to kick into gear. If you want to promote an individual city then go to their commission and ask them to promote their brand.  Our Commissioners and our County Administrator are all for Marion County.  Don't ask them to live as the Ocala/Marion County Commission. 


Come on boys, lets get to work.  Governor Scott needs our help.  Let's put some folks to work. 



Marion County Board of County Commissioners is no longer "Ocala/Marion County"
The Board of County Commissioners is aware that individually they did not run for election in the Ocala/Marion County Commission.
Ocala will have to fund their public relations efforts without taking over Marion County's efforts such as the Marion Tourism Effort
At the very best, Ocala will have to be behind the  "Slash as in Marion County/Ocala if any County money is used.
Citizens are demanding that their County Commission use county funds to promote the Marion County Brand.
Marion County is establishing a Nation Wide Business and Tourism brand.  Ocala and Dunnellon along with other incorporated areas will benefit with the success of the Marion County taxpayer funded brand. 

High Tech opportunities abound.
Illustration of a keyboard and building; 240 pixels wide
Private enterprise is king in Marion County, Gov. Scott is on board as well.

View the opportunities and joys associated with Marion County Florida.